Age assessment

Age assessment guidance (England)

The Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) published guidance in 2015 to assist social workers and their managers in undertaking age assessments in England.

Age assessment guidance (Wales)

The Welsh government developed a toolkit to support local council staff carrying out age assessments.

Age assessment guidance (Scotland)

Good practice guidance on age assessments was published by Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Refugee Council with contributions from the Coalition of Scottish Local Authorities, Edinburgh City Council, UK Border Agency, and Legal Services Agency, among others. It supports social workers, their managers, and others involved in carrying out and contributing to age assessments in Scotland.

Home Office assessing age guidance

The Home Office assessing age guidance sets out the policy and procedures that must be followed when an asylum seeker or migrant claims to be a child and their claimed age is doubted by the Home Office, or they claim to be an adult but are suspected to be a child.

Age Estimation Science Advisory Committee

Through the Nationality and Borders Act 2022, the government introduced the Age Estimation Science Advisory Committee. The committee provides advice on existing and emerging scientific approaches that could be used for age assessment in the living, and recommendations for best practice guidance on any existing and proposed scientific methods.

Age assessment guides and factsheets

The Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit has produced resources for age assessments. The Young People’s Guide to Age Assessments was written by young people for young people. There are also separate factsheets for key professionals supporting young people.

Age assessment video

‘Leaving my foster family felt like leaving my own family all over again.’

Young people in Birmingham created a short video about age assessments as part of the Surviving to Thriving Project.