Give Hope A Home campaign resources

The North East Migration Partnership is seeking the support of councils and other stakeholders to assist them in the communication of their current Give Hope a Home initiative.

The recently launched initiative was developed to seek help for the growing number of young people, some as young as 14, arriving to the North East of England, often fleeing from an extreme set of circumstances, with no clear plan beyond preserving their life.

These young people require both emotional and practical support to help them to prepare for independent adult life and we need individuals and families throughout the region to consider opening up their homes and lives to ensure this can happen.

The Partnership would be grateful if information on the initiative was featured on your internal communication channels where applicable.

Please find below a number of resources including a poster, copy and pictures for your Intranet and a banner which can be added to your e mail signature, all of which provide information on how to get involved.

  1. Poster – Give Hope a Home
  2. Pictures for use on intranet or other publicity materials
  3. Social media posts and stories
  4. Wording that can be used on internal staff intranets
  5. Give Hope A Home Media Advert
  6. Banner can be added to email signature (see instructions below)

Inserting the Give Hope a Home banner into your own email signature.

  • Click File > Options > Mail > Signatures.
  • Click the signature you want to edit.
  • Open the HTML file (GHAH-Email-Signature.html) in your web browser.
  • Select all (Ctrl – A) then Copy (Ctrl – C).
  • Go back to Outlook and in the signature pane, click below your existing signature (put in a Return or two if necessary, then Paste (Ctrl – V) the signature banner.
  • When you’re done, select Save > OK.
  • You should now see the Give Hope a Home banner at the bottom of your email.