Looking After Your Health Videos

Welcome to the UK: Looking after your health

A guide for refugees and asylum seekers and others who are new to the UK. Arriving in a new country presents many challenges and people need to adjust rapidly to unfamiliar systems. This video explains how and when to access health care from the UK’s National Health Service (the ‘NHS’) and guidance on self-care and healthy living.


  1. How to register with a doctor or ‘GP (General Practitioner), make an appointment, ask for an interpreter, and access other specialist health services through a GP
  2. When and how to use self-care, NHS 111 telephone line, pharmacists, GP, Accident & Emergency (A&E), and Emergency Services telephone line 999
  3. How HC1 and HC2 certificates show you are entitled to free health care
  4. Accessing medication and understanding prescriptions
  5. Children’s health
  6. Eye care and dental care
  7. Health screening programmes
  8. Contraception and sexual health
  9. Keeping a ‘happy head’ (especially important for people dealing with traumatic experiences and constant anxiety)
  10. Healthy living: diet and exercise

You can download and print a leaflet summarising this information from www.nemp.org.uk/looking-after-your-health-leaflets/

These videos are part of the North East Migration Partnership’s Welcome & Induction Programme for newly arriving Refugees and Asylum Seekers and are made in partnership with the Regional Refugee Forum North East.



Thanks to Riada Kullani at Diversity Inside Us for the Albanian version.


Thanks to RRF member Emad Raad for the Arabic translation


Thanks to RRF member Fatemeh Khoshkholgh of the Iranian Community North East for the Farsi translation


Thanks to RRF member Shams Abdou Moussa of Digital Inclusion North East for the French translation


Thanks to RRF member The Ethiopian Community in Newcastle for the Amharic translation


Thanks to RRF member Abida Nayyar of Steps Tees for the Urdu translation


Thanks to RRF members Sarah and Mashal Ahmadi for the Pashto version


Thanks to RRF member Yemane Redda of IPC for the Tigrinya version