The North East Migration Partnership is made up of various networks, groups and forums as detailed below.

The structure is integrated in the regional Chief Executive and allows for both political and strategic oversight of NEMP work and provides the necessary local links to ensure the collaboration of the right networks.

Asylum Dispersal Lead Officer Group

The aim of this network is to provide a high level oversight into asylum dispersal in the North East region. It consists of senior representatives from the North East local authorities as well as key contractors.

The purpose of the group is to provide strategic leadership, advisory and coordination functions for migration across the North East.

Asylum and Migration Stakeholder Group

The purpose of this group is to provide a strategic leadership, advisory and coordination function, among the Home Office, national, regional and local government, contractors, non-governmental organisations and regional and local stakeholders to develop a strategic approach promoting the benefits of migration for the region.

Move On and Economic Inclusion Task Group

The Move On and Economic Inclusion Task Group has the support and cooperation of the region’s DWP, JCP and representatives from the HMRC. The purpose of the task group is to introduce practical measures to close the move on gap and address destitution for new status refugees living in the North East. This includes putting in processes to create a “warm handover” when individuals have been granted leave to remain. The group has a comprehensive work plan which includes the following key actions:

  • influence Regional and National policy and practice to close the move on gap;
  • prevent delays in start-up of HMRC benefits at move on;
  • promote routes to securing suitable housing at move on;
  • remove barriers to financial inclusion;
  • promote employability, employment and enterprise routes and;
  • identify and remove barriers facing new migrants in accessing benefits to which they are entitled.

Migration Health and Wellbeing Task Group

The Migration Health and Wellbeing Task Group comprises local authority public health teams, health service organisations and the third sector with an interest in promoting health and wellbeing of migrants.

It is set up to share information and good practice to improve knowledge, understanding and practices across the region. The group work on the following key actions:

  • assess current NHS provision on the wider migrant population;
  • identify good practice of health service access from other programmes (i.e. Syrian Resettlement Programme) and how it can be adapted and;
  • improve information on access to health care for migrants.

Members Forum

This forum is made up of local authority lead members who meet twice a year to discuss key priorities and progress of NEMP’s work programme and develop and foster political interest and knowledge on asylum and refugee issues.

Voluntary and Community Sector Forum

The Voluntary and Community Sector Forum is hosted by the NEMP, twice a year, and comprises of representatives from the Home Office and its contractors and the voluntary community that deliver services to migrants.

The purpose of forum is for NEMP to consult its work/priorities and progress with the sector. Share information and enable the escalation of key issues from the voluntary and community sector.

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