Parenting in the UK Videos

Welcome to the UK: Parenting in the UK

A guide for parents who are refugees and asylum seekers and others who are new to the UK. Arriving in a new country presents many challenges. Parents need to adjust rapidly to unfamiliar systems, laws, social norms, expectations, rights and responsibilities. This video explains the UK’s education system, what parents can expect from schools and what schools ask of parents. And it explains the UK’s laws and expectations for keeping children safe from physical and emotional harm, with important implications for how parents are expected to supervise and disciplining their children here.  The information has been selected by parents who themselves arrived in the UK as refugees or asylum seekers. It is based on what they wish they had known when they first arrived. They hope it helps others avoid problems.


  1. The role and powers different agencies have in keeping children safe from harm
  2. Support before your child is 5
  3. Education for ages 5 to 11: Primary school
  4. The law about attending school
  5. Education for ages 11 to 16: Secondary school
  6. Education and training 16-18
  7. Education and training after 18 including sanctuary scholarships
    Protecting your child from bullying, hate and cyber abuse
  8. Helping your child stay within the laws on alcohol, drugs, tobacco and sex
  9. Managing expectations on sleep overs and must have’s
  10. Supervising children at home and outside
  11. The law about children and cars
  12. The law about how you discipline children
  13. Alternative forms of disciplining children that do not use physical chastisement
  14. The impact of violence and abuse between parents
  15. The law on female genital mutilation/circumcision
  16. Child’s voice
  17. Parents rights

You can download and print leaflets summarising this information from and

These videos are part of the North East Migration Partnership’s Welcome & Induction Programme for newly arriving Refugees and Asylum Seekers and are made in partnership with the Regional Refugee Forum North East.



The Farsi translation was provided by RRF member The Iranian Community North East.


Thanks to Riada Kullani at Diversity Inside Us for the Albanian version


Thanks to RRF member The Ethiopian Community in Newcastle for the Amharic translation


Thanks to RRF member Emad Raad for the Arabic translation


Thanks to RRF member Shams Abdou Moussa of Digital Inclusion North East for the French translation


Thanks to RRF member Abida Nayyar of Steps Tees for the Urdu translation

English simplified


Thanks to RRF members Sarah and Mashal Ahmadi for the Pashto version

Kurdish Sorani

Thanks to RRF member Hewa Hamad of Our Voice Our Rights for the Kurdish Sorani version