Various Services

Various Services

Location: 4 Burlam Road, Middlesbrough TS5 5AE
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Available to: Anyone over 19 years old

(All information accurate when published, please check for latest times and dates)

NUR Fitness offers several courses and services:

  • The Employability Course is tailored for the participants’ needs. Subjects covered include: CV writing, Interview Skills, Presentation skills.
  • The ‘Intro to Social Media – Tailored’ course introduces all aspects of the internet and social media to participants who want to start up their own businesses.
  • Mental Health covers all areas of mental health, self help, positive thinking and empowerment.
  • Other services include fitness, cooking, henna art, sewing, outdoor walking and more.

Please contact Shazia or Nusrat for information of course dates.

Location: 4 Burlam Road, Middlesbrough TS5 5AE
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