Barnardo’s Conversation Clubs

Barnardo’s Conversation Clubs provides an opportunity for people to improve their conversation skills whilst discussing a different topic each month. The February’s National Conversation Club will be discussing Festive UK TV. Do you watch UK TV? What programmes do you like to watch? What programmes are most popular? For further information on how to register for these online workshops, please click the button below.

Welcoming Committee for Hong Kongers

Welcoming Committee for Hong Kongers are hosting a ‘Making use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your welcoming work’ webinar. The webinar will include information on basics about AI, tools to facilitate your work: including document and copy drafting, graphics generation, research, plus some daily life applications that may be useful to you and those you are working with.

Investing in People and Culture – Housing 101 Workshop

A three-part introductory course covering the language of housing and property, including | 本課程將會全面講解英國物業入門須知,共有三堂,涵蓋主題包括:

• How to negotiate to get your ideal property | 找到理想物業秘訣

• How to save money on bills and maintenance | 慳錢大法

• How to avoid common hazards and mistakes | 如何避免中伏

Further details on the workshop sessions (taking place on Thursday 7th, 14th, and 21st of February, 2024) and information on how to register for these free workshops can be found by clicking the button.

You can also check out the North East Hongkongers Club website for the latest events.