Services in the North East

Services in the North East

Regional Services

The North East Hongkongers Club (NEHKC)

The North East Hongkongers Club was founded in 2021 by a group of BN(O) Hong Kongers, Non-BN(O) Hong Kongers, and British Citizens who are passionate about building a thriving Hong Kong community in North East England.

They host a variety of events and workshops for Hongkongers, such as culture festivals and taxation and immigration law webinars. For more information on upcoming events, please click here.

Investing in People and Cultures (IPC)

IPC works with vulnerable migrants and refugees on Teesside and in the North East. The charity provides its target groups with English language classes, social activities, and one-to-one assistance with everything from helping them to complete paperwork to finding employment opportunities and housing.

The charity’s Harbour HK Project has been providing ‘access to housing’ educational support to Hong Kongers, recently completing a series of seminars in Autumn 2023, and is holding events in Middlesbrough and Newcastle for English language practice and housing assistance. More information on upcoming workshop sessions in 2024 can be found here or by emailing

National Services

Hongkongers in Britain

Hongkongers in Britain provides UK-wide support for BN(O) integration in line with the government’s four national objectives for welcoming Hongkongers. The project focuses on key parts of integration during the initial settlement:

  • encouraging participation in local community life
  • facilitating employment
  • building community relationships
  • safeguarding mental health and wellbeing

Hongkongers in Britain are also working on an education resources project that aims to develop a set of school education resources directly aligned with the four national policy objectives of the UK Welcome Programme and the key principles stated in the educational resources grant scheme.


Barnardo’s provides the Boloh helpline. Boloh is not just a listening service, it offers practical and emotional support over the phone and via webchat. Advisors can also refer you for specialist community support. They can also offer six weekly sessions of psychotherapy, and arrange additional sessions if you need them.

Welcoming Committee for Hong Kongers

Welcoming Committee for Hong Kongers is an umbrella group for all those who care about the integration of new arrivals from Hong Kong. British Future and Welcoming Committee for Hong Kongers hold regular Welcoming Committee Forum meetings, inviting groups working across the nations and regions.

The network meet regularly and provide tools on how to work with the media, gather case studies, and help local voices tell positive stories of the welcoming work to media and public audience. The organisation’s research seeks to inform policy, share best practice, identify challenges, and find constructive solutions to them.

Protection Approaches

Protection Approaches are a third party hate crime reporting service. They are a consortium of organisations and have created an accessible UK-wide third party hate crime and hate incident support and reporting service for BN(O)s, called On Your Side.

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