Asylum process

Asylum process map

The asylum process map is colour-coded and designed to help newly arrived separated children and care leavers who have made a claim for asylum in the UK. It explains the asylum process and people’s rights and responsibilities as looked after children and care leavers in England.

It was produced by the Refugee Council and partners in Kent. You can ask for hard copies to be sent to you by post.

Right to Remain toolkit

The Right to Remain toolkit is a comprehensive guide to the UK immigration and asylum system. It gives an overview of the legal system, rights, and actions to take to support an individual. The toolkit is available in a range of languages. It includes flow charts of the asylum process at different stages including appeals, judicial reviews, and fresh claims.

Young Asylum Guide

The Young Asylum Guide is an interactive guide explaining the different stages of the asylum process for children with examples and ‘problems solved’ on each step.

Legal Aid and immigration advice

Know Your Rights is a short film made by young people in London from a youth group called Brighter Futures about immigration advice and what a good and bad solicitor looks like.

Asylum process film

‘We are tired. We are tired of waiting, tired of not understanding, tired of feeling alone. Nothing is certain, we can’t plan our futures.’

Asylum: a #SurvivingtoThriving UpRising film is a short film made by young people in Birmingham as part of the Surviving to Thriving Project about their experiences of the asylum process.

Waiting for Refugee Status

‘I wish had had somebody to talk to and tell me what is happening.’

Waiting for Refugee Status: a #SurvivingtoThriving UpRising film is a short film made by young people in Cambridge as part of the Surviving to Thriving Project. They talk about their experience of waiting for their refugee status and the impact this has had on them.

Coram Seeking Support Guide

Coram’s Seeking Support guide is a practical guide for professionals dealing with unaccompanied and separated young people, covering a wide variety of topics related to unaccompanied children.

Know Your Rights

Migrants’ Right Network have complied a comprehensive guide to migrants’ rights which explains laws and regulations for migrants living in the UK, including asylum seekers and those without status.

The guide includes banking, driving, employment, health, education, housing, social services, detention, and deportation.

National Transfer Scheme

The National Transfer Scheme first began in 2016 and formed the basis of an agreement between local councils to ensure a fairer, more equitable distribution of unaccompanied children across local authorities. The protocol was updated in December 2021, following the scheme becoming mandatory.